THE ANTI TERRORISM ACT,1997 Last Amended on 2017­02­16 CONTENTS SECTIONS: 1. Short title, extent and commencement 2. Definitions 3. Declaration of intent 4. Calling in of armed forces and civil armed forces in aid of civil power 5. Use of armed forces and civil armed forces to prevent terrorism 6. Terrorism 7. Punishment for acts of terrorism 8. Prohibition of acts intended or likely to stir up sectarian hatred 9. Punishment for offence under section 8 10. Power to enter or search 11. Power to order forfeiture 11A. Organizations concerned in terrorism 11B. Proscription of organizations 11C. Right of review 11CC. Proscription review committee 11D. Observation order 11E. Measure to be taken against a proscribed organization 11EE. Proscription of person 11EEE. Powers to arrest and detain suspected persons 11EEEE. Preventive detention for inquiry 11EEEEE. Prohibition on disposal of property 11F. Membership, support and meetings relating to a proscribed organization 11G. Uniform 11H. Fund raising 11I. Use and possession 11J. Funding arrangements 11K. Money laundering Page 1 of 50

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