About Justice Project Pakistan Justice Project Pakistan is a legal action charity that provides pro bono legal representation to the most vulnerable prisoners facing the harshest punishments in Pakistan. Our clients include those facing the death penalty, the mentally ill, victims of police torture and detainees in the “war on terror”. Justice Project Pakistan was established in December 2009 and is based in Lahore, Pakistan. Justice Project Pakistan’s vision is to employ strategic litigation to set legal precedents that reform the criminal justice system in Pakistan. We litigate innovatively, pursuing cases on behalf of individual clients that hold the potential to set precedents that allow those in similar conditions to better enforce their legal and human rights. We model a more equitable legal practice, inspiring and training a new generation of Pakistani lawyers to litigate strategically and challenge unjust laws and inhumane conditions. Acknowledgements This report was written by Omran Belhadi, Casework Lawyer at Justice Project Pakistan. It was edited by Sarah Belal, Director of Justice Project Pakistan, and Isabel Buchanan, Casework Lawyer at Justice Project Pakistan. Drafting and research assistance was provided by Reema Omer and Sarah Nasrullah. Justice Project Pakistan would like to thank the ex-detainees and family members of current detainees who shared their pain and spoke with us about their experiences. We are also grateful to the numerous government officials who shared their knowledge and expertise. Justice Project Pakistan would also like to thank Asim Rafiqui for preparing portraits and audio testimony of family members of current detainees, documenting their hardships and suffering. All photographs displayed in this report are the product of Mr. Rafiqui’s efforts. His work is available at http://www.jpp.org.pk/bagram. 1

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