52 Annoyance by flying (vii) Prize Offences 53 Prize offences by commanding officers 54 Other prize offences (viii) Other Offences in respect of Ships and Aircraft 55 Inaccurate certification 56 Improper carriage of goods (ix) Malingering and Intoxication 57 Malingering 58 Definition of intoxication 59 Offences of intoxication (x) Offences in respect of Nawal Custody 60 Irregularity in connection with custody 61 Escape from custody 62 Permitting escape of person in custody (xi) Offences relating to Property 63 Theft and dishonest misappropriation, etc 64 Making away with equipment, etc 65 Loss and waste of Government and service property (xii) Miscellaneous Offences 66 Unauthorised disclosure of information 67 Falsification of documents 68 Signing in blank and failure to report 69 False answers on enrolment 70 Unbecoming conduct by officers 71 Disgraceful conduct 72 False accusation 73 Offences in relation to courts­martial [or court of appeals] 74 False evidence 75 Conduct to the prejudice of naval discipline (xiii) Attempts and Abetments 76 Attempts to commit naval offence 77 Abetment of offences (xiv) Civil Offences 78 Civil offences triable by naval tribunal 79 Civil offences triable by naval tribunal under special circumstances CHAPTER VII. PUNISHMENTS 80 Scale of punishments 81 Provision as to award of punishment CHAPTER VIII. PENAL DEDUCTIONS Page 3 of 76

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