16. Definition of "Government of India"
17- "Government"
18. Definition of Presidency
19. "Judge"
20. "Court of Justice"
21. "Public servant"
23. Movable property
23. Wrongful gain
"Wrongful loss"
Gaining wrongfully; Losing wrongfully
24. "Dishonestly"
25. "Fraudulently"
26. "Reason to believe"
27. Property in possession of wife, clerk or servant
28. "Counterfeit"
29. Document
30. "Valuable security"
31. "A will"
32. Words referring to acts include illegal omissions
33. "Act", "Omission"
34. Acts done by several persons in furtherance of. Common intention
35. When such an act is criminal by reason of its being done with a criminal knowledge
or intention
36. Effect caused partly by act and partly by omission
37. Co-operation by doing one of several acts constituting an offence

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