Page 2 of 15 . (e) "Govemment" means the Federal Govemment or the Provincial Govemment, as the case may be; (0 "guardian" in relation to a juvenile means a parent or a person who has been appointed as a guardian by the court or a person who has actual care ofthe chil (e) J; "heinous offence" mears an offence which is serious. gruesome, brutal, sensational in character or shocking to public morality and which punishabk' under the Pakistan Penal Code, 1860 (Act XiV of is 1860) or any other law ..or the time being in force with death or imprisonment for life or imprisonnrent for more than seven years with or without fine; (h) "juvenile" means, a child who may be dealt w'ith for an offence in a manner which is different from an adult; (D "Juvenile ,lourt" means a court established under section 4; o "Juvenile Justice Committee" means a committee established under section l0: (k) "Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre" means a place u'here a juvenile may be kept and p.iven education, vocatiooai or technical training for his mental, moral and psychological development and includes certified institutions, juvenile training insritutions, borstal institutions, vocational centres, darul-amaan and women crises centres established by the Government or by voluntary ,rrganization certified by the Govemment; (l) "juvenile ,rffender" means a child who is alleged to have committed or who has br:en found to have committed an offence: (m) "major o{fence" means an offence for which punishment under the Pakistan I'enal Code, 1860 (Act time beini; in XIv of 1860) or any other law for the force is more than three years and up to seven years imprisonrr ent with or without fine;

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