ASSEMBLY] [AS PASSED BY THE NATIONAL A Bill To provide for criminal justice syslem for juveniles WHEREAS it is expedient to provide for criminal justice system and social reintegration ofjuveniles; It is hereby enaoted 1. as follows:- Short title, extent and commencement.-(1) This Act may be called the Juvenile Justice System Act, 201f. (2) It extends to the whole of Pakistan. (3) It shall come into force at once. ,| Definitions,-In this Act, unless there is any'thing repugnant in the subject or context,(a) "best interest of the child" means the basis for any decision taken the child to ensure fulfillment of his basic rights and needs, regarding identity, social well-being, physical, emotional and psychological development; (b) "child" means for the purposes of this Act a person who has not attained the age of eighteen yezrs; (c) "Code" means the Code of Criminal Procedure, I 898 (Act V of I 898); (d) "diversion" means an altemative process of determining the responsibility and treatment of a juvenile on the basis of his social. cultural, economic, psychological and educational background without resorting to formal judicial proceedings;

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