59. Offences relating to court­martials. 60. False evidence. 61. Unlawful detention of pay. 62. Offences in relation to aircraft and flying. 63. Other offences relating to aircraft and flying. 64. Disobedience of lawful command of captain of aircraft. 65. Violation of good order and air force discipline. 66. Miscellaneous offences. 67. Attempt. 68. Abetment of offences that have been committed. 69. Abetment of offences punishable with death and not committed. 70. Abetment of offences punishable with imprisonment and not committed. 71.. Civil offences. 72. Civil offences not triable by court­martial. CHAPTER VII. PUNISHMENTS 73. Punishments awardable by courts­martial. 74. Alternate punishments awardable by courts­martial. 75. Combination of punishments. 76. Special provisions regarding sentences. 77. Field punishment. 78. Position of field punishment in scale of punishments. 79. Result of certain punishments in the case of a warrant officer or non­commissioned officer. 80. Retention in the ranks of a person convicted on active service. 81. Punishments otherwise than by court martial. 82. Punishment of persons other than officers and warrant officers. 83. Requirement of sanction in certain cases. 84. Limit of punishments under section 82. 85. Punishments in addition to those specified in section 82. 86. Punishment of officers and warrant officers. 87. Transmission of proceedings. 88. Review of proceedings. 89. Superior air force authority. CHAPTER VIII. PENAL DEDUCTIONS 90. Deductions from pay and allowances of officers. 91. Deductions from pay and allowances of warrant officers and airmen. 92. Computation of time of absence or custody. 93. Pay and allowances during trial. 94. Limit of certain deductions. 95. Deduction from public money due to a person. Page 3 of 105

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