11L. Disclosure of information 11M. Cooperation with the police 11N. Punishment under sections 11h to 11k 11O. Seizure, freeze and detention 11OO. Access to services, money or other property 11P. Application by investigating officer to court 11Q. Forfeiture 11R. Evidentiary standard for forfeiture 11S. Appeal against forfeiture order 11T. Deposit of 2[money or other property] in a fund 11U. De­proscription 11V. Directing terrorist activities 11W. Printing, publishing, or disseminating any material to incite hatred or giving projection to any person convicted for a terrorist act or any proscribed organization or an organization placed under observation or anyone concerned in terrorism 11WW. Lynching. 11X. Responsibility for creating civil commotion 12. Jurisdiction of 2[anti­terrorism court] 13. Establishment of anti­terrorism court 14. Composition and appointment of presiding officers of anti­terrorism courts 15. Place of sitting 16. Oath by 1[anti­terrorism courts] 17. Powers of 1[anti­terrorism courts] with respect to other offences 18. Public prosecutors 19. Procedure and powers of 1[anti­terrorism court] 19A. Mode of making searches and arrest 19B. Pre­trial scrutiny 20. Punishment 21. Protection to judges, 3* counsel, public prosecutor, witnesses and persons concerned with court proceedings 21B. Cordons for terrorist investigation 21B. Terrorist investigation 21C. Training 21D. Bail 21E. Remand. 21EE. power to call information etc 21F. Remissions 21G. Trial of offences 21H. Conditional admissibility of confession 21I. Aid an abetment 21J. Harbouring 21K. Offences triable by way of summary procedure Page 2 of 50

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