21L. Punishment for an absconder 21M. Joint trials 22. Manner and place of execution of sentence 23. Power to transfer cases to regular courts 24. Ppellate tribunal 25. Appeal 26. Admissibility of confession made before police 27. Punishment for defective investigation 7[and reward for successful investigation] 27A. Presumption of proof against accused 27AA. Punishment for false implication 27B. Conviction on the basis of electronic or forensic evidence etc 28. Transfer of cases 28A. Impounding of passport of person charge­sheeted under the act 29. Trial before 3[anti­terrorism court] to have precedence 30. Modified application of certain provisions of the code 31. Finality of judgment 32. Overriding effect of act 33. Delegation 34. Power to amend the schedule 35. Powers to make rules 36. Saving 37. Contempt of court 38. Punishment for terrorist act committed before this act 39. Indemnity 39A. Repeal 39B. Removal of difficulties 39C. Repeal and savings 40. Amendment of the criminal law amendment act, 1908 (xiv of 1908) THE FIRST SCHEDULE THE SECOND SCHEDULE THE THIRD SCHEDULE THE FOURTH SCHEDULE THE FIFTH SCHEDULE Page 3 of 50

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