does not include: —

any place for the confinement of prisoners who are
exclusively in the custody of Police; and
any place specially appointed by Government
under section 541 of Code of Criminal Procedure,



"criminal prisoner", means any prisoner duly
committed to custody under the writ, warrant or
order of any Court or authority exercising original
jurisdiction, or by order of a Court Martial;


"Convicted criminal prisoner", means any criminal
prisoner under sentence of a Court or Court
Martial, and includes a prisoner detained in prison
under the provisions of Chapter VIII of the Code of
Criminal Procedure, 1898, or under the Prisoners
Act, 1900;


"Civil prisoner", means any prisoner who is not a
criminal prisoner;

(v) "remission system", means the rules for the time being in force
regulating the award of remission to and the consequent shortening
of sentences of prisoners in prisons;
(vi) "history ticket", means the ticket exhibiting such information
as is required in respect of each prisoner by Prisons Act or the
rules thereunder;

"prohibited article", means an article, the introduction
or removal of which into or out of a prison is prohibited
by any rule under the Prisons Act;[***]
"medical subordinate", means any Assistant Medical
Officer [; and]
"officer Incharge prosecution" means an officer
notified as such by the Government.]

Definitions Prescribed in Prison Rules as under Prisons Act
(Act II of 1894).
Rule3. In these rules, unless a different intention appears
from the subject or context, the expression —

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