(i) (ii) "Casual prisoner", means any convicted criminal prisoner who is not a "habitual" as hereinafter defined; "central prison" means any prison in which criminal convicted prisoners are received for the purpose of undergoing their sentences by transfer from any other prison and in which such prisoners are not, when committed to prison, in the first instance ordinarily received; provided that no prison shall be deemed to be a central prison unless and until the Provincial Government shall have declared it to be such; (iii) "compartment" means any room, workshop, godown or other covered-in, enclosed and protected place, in a prison, other than a cell or ward; (iv) "Convict", means a convicted criminal prisoner; (v) "district prison", means any prison to which prisoners from one or more districts are in the first instance, ordinarily committed, and includes every prison other than a central prison or a special prison as defined in this rule; (vi) "Habitual " or "habitual criminal, means— (a) Any person convicted of an offence whose previous conviction or convictions under Chapter XII, XVI. XVII. or XVIII of the Pakistan Penal Code taken by themselves or with the facts of the present case show that he habitually commits an offence or offences punishable under any or all of those chapters; (b) any person committed to or detained in prison under section 123 read with section 110 of the Code of Criminal Procedure; (c) any person convicted of any of the offences specified in (a) above when it appears from the facts of the case, even if no previous conviction ha$ been proved that he is by habit a member of a gang of dacoits, or of thieves or a dealer in slaves or in stolen property; and (d) any person convicted by a Court or tribunal acting outside Pakistan of an offence which would have rendered him liable to be classified as a habitual criminal if he had been convicted in a Court established in Pakistan. Explanation-For the purpose of this definition the word, "conviction" shall include an order made under section 118, read 3

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