53. Speaker and Deputy Speaker of National Assembly. 54. Summoning and prorogation of Majlis­e­Shoora (Parliament). 55. Voting in Assembly and quorum. 56. Address by President. 57. Right to speak in Majlis­e­Shoora (Parliament). 58. Dissolution of the National Assembly. 59. The Senate. 60. Chairman and Deputy Chairman. 61. Other provisions relating to Senate. Provisions as to Members of Majlis­e­Shoora (Parliament) 62. Qualifications for membership of Majlis­e­Shoora (Parliament). 63. Disqualifications for membership of Majlis­e­Shoora (Parliament). 63A. Disqualification on grounds of defection, etc. 64. Vacation of seats. 65. Oath of members. 66. Privileges of members, etc. Procedure Generally 67. Rules of procedure, etc. 68. Restriction on discussion in Majlis­e­Shoora (Parliament). 69. Courts not to inquire into proceeding of Majlis­e­Shoora (Parliament). Legislative Procedure 70. Introduction and passing of Bills. 71. [Omitted.] 72. Procedure at joint sittings. 73. Procedure with respect to Money Bills. 74. Federal Government's consent required for financial measures. 75. President's assent to Bills. 76. Bill not to lapse on prorogation, etc. 77. Tax to be levied by law only. Financial Procedure 78. Federal Consolidated Fund and Public Accounts. 79. Custody, etc., of Federal Consolidated Fund and Public Account. 80. Annual Budget Statement. 81. Expenditure charged upon Federal Consolidated Fund. 82. Procedure relating to Annual Budget Statement. 83. Authentication of schedule of authorized expenditure. 84. Supplementary and excess grants. 85. Votes on account. 86. Power to authorize expenditure when Assembly stands dissolved. 87. Secretariats of Majlis­e­Shoora (Parliament). 88. Finance Committees. Page 3 of 167

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