Ordinances 89. Power of President to promulgate Ordinances. CHAPTER 3.­ THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT 90. The Federal Government. 91. The Cabinet. 92. Federal Ministers and Ministers of State. 93. Advisers. 94. Prime Minister continuing in office. 95. Vote of no­confidence against Prime Minister. 96. [Omitted by Substitution]. 97. Extent of executive authority of Federation. 98. Conferring of functions on subordinate authorities. 99. Conduct of business of Federal Government. 100. Attorney­General for Pakistan. PART IV Provinces CHAPTER 1. THE GOVERNORS 101. Appointment of Governors. 102. Oath of Office. 103. Conditions of Governor's office. 104. Speaker Provincial Assembly to act as, or perform functions of Governor in his absence. 105. Governor to act on advice, etc. CHAPTER 2. PROVINCIAL ASSEMBLIES 106. Constitution of Provincial Assemblies. 107. Duration of Provincial Assembly. 108. Speaker and Deputy Speaker. 109. Summoning and prorogation of Provincial Assembly. 110. Rights of governor to address Provincial Assembly. 111. Right of Speaker in Provincial Assembly. 112. Dissolution of Provincial Assembly. 113. Qualifications and disqualifications for membership of Provincial Assembly. 114. Restriction on discussion in Provincial Assembly. 115. Provincial Government's consent required for financial measures. 116. Governor's assent to Bills. 117. Bill not to lapse on prorogation, etc. Financial Procedure 118. Provincial Consolidation Fund and Public Account. 119. Custody, etc., of Provincial Consolidated Fund and Public Account. 120. Annual Budget Statement. Page 4 of 167

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