does not include: — (a) any place for the confinement of prisoners who are exclusively in the custody of Police; and any place specially appointed by Government under section 541 of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898; (b) (ii) "criminal prisoner", means any prisoner duly committed to custody under the writ, warrant or order of any Court or authority exercising original jurisdiction, or by order of a Court Martial; (iii) "Convicted criminal prisoner", means any criminal prisoner under sentence of a Court or Court Martial, and includes a prisoner detained in prison under the provisions of Chapter VIII of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898, or under the Prisoners Act, 1900; (iv) "Civil prisoner", means any prisoner who is not a criminal prisoner; (v) "remission system", means the rules for the time being in force regulating the award of remission to and the consequent shortening of sentences of prisoners in prisons; (vi) "history ticket", means the ticket exhibiting such information as is required in respect of each prisoner by Prisons Act or the rules thereunder; (vii) (viii) [(ix) "prohibited article", means an article, the introduction or removal of which into or out of a prison is prohibited by any rule under the Prisons Act;[***] "medical subordinate", means any Assistant Medical Officer [; and] "officer Incharge prosecution" means an officer notified as such by the Government.] Definitions Prescribed in Prison Rules as under Prisons Act (Act II of 1894). Rule3. In these rules, unless a different intention appears from the subject or context, the expression — 2

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