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"medical officer" means



medical oflicer notified as such





"minor offence" means an offence for which maximum punishment under
the Pakistan Penal Code,1 860

(XLV of I 860) or any other law for the time

being in force is imprisonment up to thrce years with or without fine;

"observation home" means a place where a juvenile is kept temporarily


after being apprehended by police as well as after obtaining remard from
Juvenile Court or otherwise for conducting inquiry or investigation for the
purposes of this Act;


"prescribed" means prescribed by rules made under this Act;


"probation officer" means a person appointed under the Probation of
Offenders Ordinance, 1960 (XLV of 1960); and


"suitable person" means any person, trust. association or society duly
recognized by law whose object is welfare and protection ofchildren.

Explanalion.- person in this clause means the guardian ofajuvenile or any other
person appointed by a Juvenile Coun for the purposes ofthis Act.

have the right


Legal assistance.- (1) Every juvenile or a child who is victim of an offence shall

oflegal assistance at expense ofthe


A juvenile sha.ll be informed about his rights available under the law by a legal

practitioner within twenty four hours oftaking him into custody.


A legal practitioner appointed by the Govemment or by the Juvenile Court for

providing legai assistance to a child victim of an offence or
years standing at the Bar.


juvenile shall have at least seven

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