THE MENTAL HEALTH ORDINANCE, 2001 CONTENTS SECTIONS: CHAPTER I PRELIMINARY 1. Short title, extent and commencement. 2. Definitions. CHAPTER II ESTABLISHMENT OF FEDERAL MENTAL HEALTH AUTHORITY 3. Federal Mental Health Authority. 4. Constitution of Board of Visitors. 5. Powers and functions of the Board. 6. Establishment of psychiatric facilities by the Government. CHAPTER III ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT 7. Care in the Community. 8. Care and Treatment on an informal or voluntary basis. 9. Duration for periods of detention for assessment, treatment, urgent admission and emergency holding. 10. Admission for assessment. 11. Admission for treatment. 12. Admission for assessment in cases of urgency. 13. Emergency Holding. 14. Emergency Powers. 15. Application by whom to be presented. 16. Effect of application for admission. 17. General provisions as to applications and medical recommendations. 18. Rectification of applications and recommendations. 19. Mentally disordered persons found in public places. CHAPTER IV LEAVE AND DISCHARGE 20. Order of leave. 21. Discharge of a patient. Page 1 of 31

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